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yaoicest's Journal

yaoicest is best
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Does the idea of Kyo/Yuki from Fruits Basket make your heart pound? How about Hiro/Yuuzi from Gravitation? Are you tired of people who are anti-yaoi using the yaoicest excuse as not-canon when they really mean they're anti-yaoi? Are you looking for a place where there are other happy hentai yaoicesters like you?

Well then, you've reached the right place. Here is where we can discuss, drool, hopefully post links, yaoicest fics, pics and rec fics. All anime fandoms, video games or original yaoicestic characters.

Only rules are:

Yaoicest only
No flames
Please use the lj-cut if you have big pics
NO Intercommunity POLITICS!
Please contact the mod intothedream before posting something that promotes anything.

Above all, enjoy yourselves!